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Ocracoke, NC TPO Flat Roofing Membrane Systems in the area of Ocracoke, NC TPO Flat Roof Repairs available in Ocracoke, North Carolina  TPO Heat Weld Membrane roof in the city of Ocracoke, NC - Commercial TPO roofing - TPO  Roof Replacement

TPO Roofing Membrane Systems Ocracoke, North Carolina

TPO Roofing Membrane (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is single-ply roofing flat roofing material that can be installed by using the fully adhered system, mechanically fastened system, or using a ballasted system. A TPO membrane system is used on low sloped Commercial flat roofs systems and low sloped residential flat roofs. Our roofing company has installed multiple TPO roofs in Ocracoke, NC. Just like EPDM rubber roofing many roofing companies in the Ocracoke, North Carolina will mechanically attach a TPO thermo plastic system just as some roofing contractors in Ocracoke, NC will mechanically fastened a EPDM Rubber roof.

A TPO roof is easier to rely on a mechanically fastened roof system because it is stronger and more durable. TPO very strong and tear resistant and it can withstand large hurricanes. However I have seen many TPO roofing membranes and PVC roofing membranes on flat roofs in Ocracoke, North Carolina that were mechanically fastened. They will not blow off like a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roof will but they will leak!

Thermoplastic Polyolefin

A Mechanically attached TPO roof or PVC membrane roof will always be able to move from up drafting just like a mechanically fastened EPDM rubber roof. This constant moving and pulling over an 8-10 year period will separate seams and flashing even though TPO flat roofing is very strong and versatile.

Other roofing contractors in Ocracoke, North Carolina are not too bright if they were to mechanically fastened any flat roof with the high winds and strong storms that come our way. Many flat roofer just see the dollar sign and believe in some way that's It's a quality roofing job.

TPO and PVC roofing repairs around Ocracoke, North Carolina are tricky because mismatch brands are not compatible and will not weld together.

TPO Roofing membrane and PVC Roofing Membrane are also not compatible and will not heat weld together.

Ocracoke, North Carolina TPO Flat Roofing Membrane Systems within the region of Ocracoke, NC TPO Flat Roof Repairs within Ocracoke, NC  TPO Heat Weld Membrane roof within Ocracoke, NC - Commercial TPO roofing - TPO  Roof Replacement

So a TPO roofing repair in Ocracoke, North Carolina and a PVC roofing repair in Ocracoke, NC will be difficult because you have to find the exact product and name brand of the roofing material in order to weld a roof repair patch. Many flat roofers in Ocracoke, NC will just repair the TPO roof with Eternal Bond tape or EPDM primer and flashing tape. If you need a roofing company who installs flat roof with TPO roofing or EPDM roofing then contact us for a free estimate today!!!
Ocracoke, North Carolina TPO Membrane Roofing Systems