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EPDM rubber roofing membrane is a common flat roof that is installed by multiple roofing contractors in Currituck, North Carolina. It's a very lightweight commercial and residential flat roofing product. Flat roofs in Currituck, NC are very common and the demand for flat roof repairs are high!

EPDM Rubber roofing is a single-ply roofing material that's easy to install and its cheaper than installing TPO roofing membrane or PVC roofing membrane.

A EPDM rubber roof is easy to repair and there are generally allot of leaks on EPDM rubber roofs however It's usually caused by roofers that practice poor workmanship methods rather the roofing product itself.

There are there ways or methods to install a EPDM rubber roof, either a ballasted which is a roofing system that requires tons and tons of gravel river rock to be spread out on top of the EPDM rubber roof to weigh down and to fasten the EPDM rubber roofing system. The gravel also protects the EPDM rubber roof by reflecting harmful UV rays.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

It's very common in Currituck, NC for roofers to install a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roofing system. I have seen it countless times installed using this method. This is a faulty system and it will blow off or start leaking very soon. Roofing contractors in Currituck, NC will install a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roof system because It's a much cheaper route to take. It saves on buying buckets of oil base bonding adhesive which runs around one hundred dollars a bucket. It also saves time and on labor. Its fast an easy but just about EPDM rubber roof that has been installed with this method will soon be in need of a rubber roof repair in Currituck, NC. On a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roofing system only the seams on the roof are fastened with Screws and plates or a termination bar that is also known as bat bar or batting bar. This is a roof that can blow off!!.

Currituck, NC - EPDM Flat Rubber Roofing Systems - EPDM Flat Roof Repairs - EPDM Rubber roof in Currituck, North Carolina -  Commercial EPDM Rubber roofing - EPDM Rubber Roof Replacement  in the local district of  Currituck, NC - EPDM Rubber Roofers

Our roofing company will only install a fully adhered EPDM rubber roofing system in Currituck, NC. It is an EPDM rubber roofing system that is fully glued down and laminated to the insulation. The insulation is attached with screws and plate then both the insulation and backside of the EPDM rubber surface is glued with oil base bonding adhesive.

If you have a roof leak and need EPDM rubber roofing repair in Currituck, North Carolina or if you need to replace an existing flat roof that is in need of a flat roof replacement then call the experienced EPDM Rubber roofers in Currituck, North Carolina. Contact Aquashield Roofing Today!!
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