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Synthetic Slate Roofing Repairs And New Cedar Shake Shingles Roof Replacement

Cedar shake roofing shingles have been around for over one hundred years pretty much just like slate roofing. Wooden cedar shakes add a very nice natural look to a home in Grafton, VA.

Installing cedar shake tile or also wooden shakes is a very slow process! Also something else a bit funny, they are not waterproof! The underlayment keeps the roof from leaking and the cedar shake shingles reflect the sun and protect the underlayment. They work for each other. Wood Cedar Shingles absorb water and swell up that's why they must be spaced properly went installed.

Cedar shake roofing shingles in Grafton, Virginia, must be installed on plywood because of the codes. The city will not let you build with slat boards on the roof deck. Installing cedar shake roofing tiles on slats allow the shingles to breath! Installing them on Plywood makes not be able to breathe properly and causes mold growth. In the Grafton, VA area cedar shake roofing shingles will last eighteen to twenty years at the max no matter what ventilation system you install.

For the cost of Cedar shakes combined with the fact that Cedar shake roofing shingles are difficult to repair, I think I would go with a much better quality roofing material.

Our roofing company also does Cedar shake shingle repairs in Grafton, Virginia and we also can install a new Cedar Shake roof.

Natural Slate, Virginia Slate Synthetic Slate Roofing, Cedar Shakes, Imitation Slate And Custom Tile new roof Installation

During the late 19th and early 20th Century, the production of wooden roofing shingles (Cedar Shakes) was an extremely dangerous process in which a worker to hand-fed pieces of raw wood onto an automated saw. This was a very dangerous profession that paid the bills. This man was considered a brave soul, a daredevil; maybe they even called him crazy! They called him a shingle weaver!

This is a man' job that was right up there with roofing danger wise. I saw pics of the machine, it was pretty dangerous looking.

There was even an International Shingle Weavers of America.

There was even a shingle weaver strike/war that turned into a famous gun battle named:

The Everett massacre

Who knew? True Roofing Fact!

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Real Vermont Slate Roofing tiles in Grafton, VA

Real slate is mainly ordered from a rock quarry somewhere by a roofing supply wholesaler. Slate is another very old roofing system that has been installed on roofer for well over a hundred years. Slate roofing tiles were flawless in their nature and they would last forever if they had the type of fasteners that we have in this day and age. After about 80-100 years the fasteners rust and corrode due to age. All they had was just common steel nails to fasten the slate roofing tiles down with. After a slate roof turns one hundred, slate tiles are dropping and falling left and right.

Nowadays there are Slate Hook nails made from stainless steel. The nails will last forever with hooks securely holding the slate shingles in place. There are many slate roofs in Grafton, Virginia. If you need a slate roofing repair or if you want to remove your slate roof and replace it with a more modern roofing material then give us a shout at Aquashield Roofing.

Composite slate shingles Imitation slate, tile and synthetic slate

Now the roofing industry has exploded with some really expensive synthetic roofing materials. EcoStar makes some synthetic slate and cedar shake composite fake material that looks just like real slate and cedar shakes. Now there are all sorts of extravagant environment friendly roofing tiles on the markets today. The products are made out of some bomb diggity material. All come with great roofing warranties if they are installed properly. The problem is that you have to have thousands of dollars to be able to afford such a high grade roofing material. The materials get expensive and the roof will always cost more than you figured. I myself have installed a few of this high rated slate tiles in Grafton, Virginia. I love the look of Enviroshake roofing tiles and synthetic slate Majestic Slate has a really great warranty. If you have the money, than go for it! Order some Symphony composite slate today!

If you live in Grafton, VA and you wish to know more about Composite slate shingles, fakes slate or imitation slate or cedar tile roofing systems then contact the slate roofing experts at Aquashield Roofing. We are you slate contractor in Grafton, Virginia.

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